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umer kazi veliyamcode kerala india

The major objective of this research is based on three sections.
·         Explanation of his life history, study, morals, talent and contribution to Arabic literature.
·         Explanation of various Arabic poems, Lamentation and Praises.
·         Explanation of analytic study of his poems like immiscible romantic realism in prophetic praise, views against British government who where dominators and Warnings against negative effects of Western.
The methodologies adapted by the research are not based on books or articles because of the dearth of materials. Instead, it culls out its background materials partly from bygone archives and field works, and mostly from historical books and anthropological reports. The research will be further divided into three chapters as follows:
Ø  Life history, Educational career social life of UMER KAZI as leader of Keralates
This chapter will deal with life history of UMER KHAZI who was world famous Arabic poet, Islamic thinker, intelligent and expertise, he has no peer in his time in Arabic literary art of poetry and prose and also a senior Mujahedeen against the Britons who dominated Indian community as a cheaters. Born at Veliyancode Malappuram Kerala India in 1179 AH. His family is expert in Arabic literature and pious called KAZIAR as his father’s way. From his childhood itself he exceeded in all the art of Islamic knowledge and branches. Spent his life under the skilled teachers who were the geniuses of that time in various arts of physical, religious they were especially from Madheena and Makkah.
Ø  Literary careers in Arabic poetry
This chapter will deal with his various literary careers in Arabic poetry with helpful efforts of art and knowledge to strengthen the language and literature especially in the art of poetry when the lamp of Arabic literature became incapacitated the minds of the nation. In this chapter we have to lighten about many praises, lamentation and other types of poems that wrote on some walls of Masjid. The poem “AL-QASEEDATHUL UMARIYYA FIL MADAHIHU NNABAVIYYA” is reliable as remarkable poem. Some of his poem had published from Egypt and Mumbai like lamentation and prophetic praises. “QASEDATHU ALLAFAL ASWI” which is organized according to the arabic alphabet at the beginning and end of the rhyme. “LAHAL HILALU, LAMMA ZAHARA” these two are important poems that are written in a strange way where the poet used only neglected and lexical letters respectively.  “MAQASIDUNNIKAH”, “KITHABU NAFAHISU DHURAR” describes the Islamic rules and laws.
Ø  An Analytical study of his poems:This chapter deals with the analytical study of his poems. Some of his poems like “AL QASEEDATHUL UMARIYYA FIL MADAHIHU NNABAVIYYA” which has grown from a heart filled with deep emotional passion –a passion of love, passion of sadness and depression-with the fall of tears from his eyes. This poem influenced the hearts of readers which contains sadness, depression and passion of love at last. He depicts the real life of community as realistic thinker against imperialism. Realistic mentality and romantic thoughts also united in his poems.
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